Are there Not Enough Swim Schools?

I am particularly noticing this in Apples Hometown.

I grew up there.

I have seemed to be placed back there repeatedly, all though I had my own assumptions I would of been far away from that area by or walking around looking important through the class windows of the recently super enhanced mother ship.

More  doing my best to accommodate a mothers urgent plea for her child to learn how to swim. And of course for her as well!

I did happily so to as many as I could accommodate. At the fairest competitive price rate, which is of course is seen as below poverty rate, thanks to ever so enhanced mother ship (Apples updated headquarters) .

So I recently have done a little research. To see what available options exist in the land of innovation and possibly highly contaminated soil when it came to providing it for a place for the  “distinguished” students to fine tune their abilities in swimming. At this very moment I heartbreakingly conclude that there is very little and also poorly ran aquatic centers available in Cupertino. I have my opinions that I will save for another time of why this is so. But until then, my dear families who simply want to become confident swimmers do not be ashamed to demand. Also, do not feel as though you need to be Michael Phelps himself to own or run an aquatic center. I cannot help but assume that Michael Phelps is a kind spirit and would actually admire anyone that does.

All those who fear of water or question their ability at any level, please do not feel defeated by any petty outdated politics of some swim establishments who only survive on the breeding of their “productions” which simply transfer temporarily into young, advantaged and CHEAPER labor for the business.

To be continued





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