Why is it wise to pay for a brief consultation for swim lessons?  It is not really even heard of. Well I personally have not yet, but hope to promote it becoming an average implementation in regarding swim lessons. A comparable form would be a swim school testing the students abilities prior to having them register. This is to guarantee safety, facilitate efficiency in the student’s progress and what I admit I look forward to: popping the parents ego. It is unfortunate that amount of over confidence in parents who have very to limited to no background in a structured swim setting exist.


I will just say this. Or more so ask this: So. you heard about the kid who can beat an adult olympian? No. And if they do exist….nobody cares.


I do realize all parents have good intentions. I do notice a lot of them do not know what they are doing , realizing what it takes and my favorite HOW LONG it takes.


To be continued….


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