Those seeking my contact


Those Seeking My Contact

Prepayment is required. Only semi Private (no more than 2 swimmers per 30 min). Price is $20/20. Solo is $30.


Please do not be offended that my phone number is limited, it has nothing to do with being exclusive. Unfortunately, one too many community members abused my empathy.

  • Those who are certain and want to proceed please email me. Inside the email please include: Who is the reference, Your name and you childs name and age ( or if it’s you the adult), your swimming background ( ex: scared of water, somewhat knows strokes etc), your goals and expectations.
  • If the additional information I requested is not included then you will be dismissed. IF I do have time I might reach out back to you.
  • I will be assuming those who do proceed to this point

Wont have this part apply to them, but I need to have it written down: If your preferred time is not available there is nothing I can do. I repeat, if it is taken it is taken.  Also…something to consider….A TRUE commitment to the swim world has ludicrous practice times. If you are not able to be flexible, then I highly recommend revaluating your investment (as in put it off until you reach an agreeable time).

  • After compliance, eagerness and humility is apparent I will reply with an email paypal invoice.
  • Bargain shoppers will be ignored. (Those seeking genuine affordability are not the same as bargain shoppers). Bargain shopping is last minute (right when class starts) attempt to lower my pay. It has gotten so bad in some communities that I unfortunately will walk away and not perform the class. This is not fair to your kids and heartbreaking for me as well.


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