Watch Your Back!

As I assist with many adult novice swimmers of various age brackets in their journey of swimming , I always ask them  to listen to their bodies. Especially their back. In the first few days I suggest to most of the adult participants to not be ashamed on taking their time when it comes to their own body awareness. Doing simple things, such as the front floating. with no kicking, is a great way to notice simplicity, relaxation and tune with what you are feeling. The helpful benefit is that the water holds you. One can also look at it as a form of resistance that is flexible and fluid.

So for those novice or returning Adult swimmers the first few classes you will feel a little off.  Remember it is a sport that requires committed training toward endurance, which is gradual. You will feel tired in the beginning. You will forget that you were that tired later on after you committed to regular practice.

On top of implementing regular consistency I recommend some training aids that will assist in the process. The one that I truly vouch for is the Pull Buoy. For the very novice swimmers I noticed it provides them an unexpected support and independence while automatically placing you body positioning in the correct format. Also, it is very relaxing. Or so have the participants  shard this with told.

Also, if you do not have access to one already I highly recommend obtaining an exercise ball, what some call a yoga ball. There are some brilliant yet very simple exercises that will be a huge contribution to progression in swim ability. If you would like more information regarding the anatomy and swimming I recommend the book Swimming Anatomy by Human kinetics.

Please attend to your core. Also to those participating or will be please tell me if  anything for you feel is concerning.

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