To the riders the would like to support your driver you may do so through here:

I  do have square cash app and venmo

For my Square cash you may use my email that is provided below. Venmo you may inquire through via email or when the ride is over. Thank you!


Donation to your lyft drivers car 🙂



I decided to create a space for individuals and parents who seek my services for private swim lessons. Here I hope to answer questions, provide suggestions and add extra information that I think is helpful in this journey.  For bookings and further communication please email me at watersafemermaid@outlook.com

To add on to critical clarity of what to expect with me is to understand that I provide  a service that is independent from a swim school establishment. Therefore, I am not A Swim School. I am an swim instructor.  I can best describe myself as a personal tutor regarding your knowledge of the swim strokes and/or Swimming in general.

If you are able to make a contribution to the oh so glamorous life of being a local swim instructor you may do so by clicking the donation button below. A little goes a long way.

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